ICICLE searches worldwide for high-end natural materials. Only outstanding suppliers that meet our standards of excellence can enter our purchasing system.

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    Our suppliers must fulfill the 6 following standards of ICICLE:

    1. Provide natural fabric of world-standard high quality.
    2. Have excellent design and product development capacity.
    3. Strictly follow environment-friendly standards.
    4. No intermediaries. Suppliers must have directly owned factories.
    5. Be self-disciplined.
    6. Pass ICICLE’s periodical evaluation.

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    Safety Qualification

    ICICLE only collaborates with suppliers who meet the standards of Chinese and international environmental certificates. According to the practices of different countries, we conform to OEKO-TEX, Bluesign and ISO14000 standards, among others.

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    Water Treatment

    For suppliers whose production process involves dyeing and finishing, ICICLE only collaborates with those who have a high-quality water treatment system and whose discharged water meets the Discharge Standards of Water Pollutants for Dyeing and Finishing of Textile Industry.

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    Periodical Evaluation

    Our suppliers' product quality is evaluated twice a year. Their qualification is evaluated every three years. Suppliers who do not meet our standards will be removed from our purchasing system immediately.

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    Factory Inspection

    Our experts inspect the factories globally to evaluate the equipment and laboratory conditions according to ICICLE’s standards. A healthy and safe work environment is primordial to us. For imported materials, we conform to European industry standards and certificates from internationally recognized organizations.

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