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The Smart Trench Coat subtly associates natural fabrics and cutting-edge technology. Worsted Merino wool becomes waterproof and wind-resistant after special treatment. Without an inner lining, this natural fabric offers a weightless experience that liberates the body.

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Merino Wool

Finely woven fibers bring out the comfort and warmth of Australian Merino wool in pleasant to wear eco-friendly clothing.
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Organic wool is sheared from sheep that are allowed to roam in their natural environment.

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    Our Patent Fabric

    Our patented Trench Coat fabric uses finely woven Merino wool that offers a soft and smooth touch. Special treatment of this natural fabric removes tension within the knit and closes the space between the yarn, making it waterproof and wind-resistant. 

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    Lightweight coat

    Without an inner lining, our Smart Trench Coat is exceptionally light. Organic cotton is used for the piping, an iconic ICICLE detail.