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Our seamless knitwear is made with a single thread, turning pure cashmere and wool into your second skin. Not only does it offer greater comfort, but it also saves energy, material and human resources. Seamless Knitwear embodies our vision of the future.

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Natural Color Cashmere

Natural color cashmere from Inner Mongolia or Afghanistan, hand-sorted into different shades, offers the greatest comfort nature can provide. From earth brown to jade white, different shades of undyed pure cashmere turn into a work of art from the palette of nature.
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Knitted garments are made from natural cashmere.

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Fine cashmere from Mongolia or Afghanistan is hand-sorted according to its natural color.

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Ranging from jade white to earth brown, our knitwear is undyed to preserve its natural tones.

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    The whole-garment technique enables our knitwear to be made with one single thread. This advanced process not only offers greater comfort, but also saves energy, material and human resource.


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