Icicle Women Iconic Light Suit 01


The ICICLE Light Suit adds a luxurious touch of heavy silk to your professional life. Doubling the usual amount of raw silk used to weave the fabric, this suit has a fluid fall while maintaining a structured silhouette. The textured surface gives off a very subtle sheen, enhancing the quiet luxury of a meticulously-designed garment. 


Over 129g raw silk per square meter goes into our heavy silk creations. The greater thickness maintains a better shape and silhouette.
Icicle Women Iconic Soft Suit 03

The heavy silk fabric is essential to the making of a Light Suit.

Icicle Women Iconic Soft Suit 04

Even without a lining, the fabric ensures perfect fall and structure.

  • Icicle Women Iconic Soft Suit 05

    Light Structure

    By eliminating the padding and lining, this light suit made of natural fabrics caresses your body instead of confining it. The elastic fibre, blended into raw silk, allows freer movement and greater comfort.

  • Icicle Women Iconic Soft Suit 06

    Subtle glow

    The textured surface gives off a subtle sheen, for discreet elegance.


ICICLE is a high-end essential wardrobe, offering comfort and contemporary elegance crafted with natural materials.