Since 2017, ICICLE started to develop full-concept flagship stores where the collections are presented together with products from collaborating brands. To curate a new shopping experience for the contemporary urbanites, our flagship stores encompass cultural and lifestyle spaces such as bookstores and cafés.

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    The ICICLE Cultural Space in Shanghai brings together books, works of art and handcrafts around our ideal: creating, living and being in harmony with nature. At the crossroads of Western and Chinese cultures, between modernity and tradition, this is where our greatest inspiration lies.

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    ICICLE chose a historical townhouse built in 1894, located between the Champs-Élysées and avenue Montaigne in Paris, to open the brand’s first flagship store outside China. The architectural lines intertwine Chinese and European traditions in a play of similarities and differences.

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    A 2-story space of 800 square meters in Shimao Plaza – Shanghai presents womenswear, menswear, accessories, the Paris Atelier line, lifestyle products and collaborations. The façade is designed by renowned German architecture company gmp, using nearly 800 handmade porcelain tubes to create a combination of precision and natural subtlety playing with the porcelain distortion that occurs during the firing.

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    The Deji Plaza Flagship in Nanjing was the first ICICLE flagship store and also the first project designed by Louis Vuitton's former Director of Architecture David McNulty after he joined ICICLE. It covers an area of nearly a thousand square meters in which the full range of ICICLE products are available, including menswear, womenswear, accessories and the Paris Atelier line.

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    The New Oriental Plaza Flagship in Beijing is a 900-square-meter composite store merging fashion, books and lifestyle. As an ICICLE flagship, it presents the full range of ICICLE products as well as the Belgian linen home textile brand LIBECO.