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The Atelier silk dress is designed in our Paris design center and crafted with the know-how of French couture. As a result of our mixed influences, the French evening elegance is tempered by an Eastern touch of sobriety that allows you to wear it for every special occasion.

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Chinese heavy silk

Standing upon the long tradition of Chinese silk, the Atelier dress is double-layered to create a structured silhouette. The high fluidity of heavy Chinese silk gives it its unique fall and always ensures comfort as well as a refined allure.
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Over 129g of raw silk are used per square meter for our heavy silk fabric.

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Our leading standards of quality ensure only the finest silk is selected in the making of our pieces.

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This is how the Atelier silk dress gets its distinct fall, creating a silhouette that stands out the crowd in simplicity.

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    A precise cut

    Heavy silk crepe is so delicate it has to be stabilized between two large sheets of paper in order to get a precise cut.

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    Wooden mannequins

    In the tradition of parisian couture, wooden mannequins are used to shape a garment’s first prototype so that the silhouette remains irreproachable.

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    An eye for detail

    Stitching, cutting, adjusting until the last minute… the parisian couture touch shows in an endless search for perfection.


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